Neighbor Calum Part 2

Finally finished part two. I don’t know what it is but Calum always makes me write fluffy? He’s honestly just too dang cute. So I think it’s safe to say this mini series will definitely be full of fluff and i’m not even sorry about it. Enjoy! (:

Part One

Calum. Calum. Calum. Cal-um. Calum. You toss the name over in your head. It’s the first you’ve ever heard of it and as frustrating as it was, the boy it belonged to had been the only thing your mind could think about since you’d last seen him out in his yard nearly a week ago. You’ve decided he’s either really busy or flat out avoiding you but you’ve chosen to believe the latter.

You’re out in your yard again, like you have been for more days than you’re willing to admit, your dog in toll and whether that had anything to do with the neighbor - Calum - well that was all just details.

You sigh, tossing your dogs toy and staring at his back door as if that’ll somehow make him come out. You’re not sure why it’s bothering you so much, you hate your new neighbors, you just.. don’t want them to hate you. You need them to know you’re not some rude bratty teenage girl and you need him in particular to know that you don’t hate it when he plays his music really loud and that you’re not some creep although your current actions beg to differ.

You’re just about ready to pack it in already and call it a day when your dog’s tail starts wagging and he’s barking excitedly in a knowing way. You hear the back door open and your heart just about flips in your chest as you quickly lay on your back and pretend you haven’t been staring at his back door waiting for him to come out.

Now that he’s out you’re not sure what your next step is to this plan, you’ve honestly been trying to even get a glimpse of him this past week let alone have him right there in front of you within talking, walking.. touching distance. You can hear your dog’s collar shaking, letting you know Calum’s still petting him which is odd because whenever he pets him it’s usually quick, just enough to settle the happy pup down.

So, you chance a peek it’s hardly a glance really, just a quick once over to make sure everything’s alright. He looks up from where he was staring at your dog to meet your gaze, smile etched onto his face. “Sorry, did you want your dog back?” he chuckles, a sound you swear you’ve never heard, something so absolutely heavenly. And of course.. “Hun, why are you outside again? You’ve been out here for a week already, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re waiting for that cute n-” “Mom!” you mentally face palm yourself.

You hear a giggle come from over the small fence but can’t scrap up enough courage to look that way. “Oh, Hello,” your mom beams politely with a wave. “Hello,” Calum replies through a small laugh. “What did you need?” you ignore the last 5 minutes. “Right, your rooms an absolute mess, please get it clean before the barbecue.” And honestly it’s like she’d set out to embarrass you. “I’ll do it now,” you get up mainly because your cheeks and ears are burning with a blush and you need to get away from the cute-the neighbor.

"You and your family are coming I hope?" You hear your mom ask as you step into the safety of your house. "Yeah, think we are, mum’s been planning her dish all day," you can see Calum from inside, hands still petting your dog and smile still firm on his lips. "Good, glad to hear it, i’ll leave you to it then." He and your mom exchange polite goodbyes and he glances at you before grabbing his soccer ball and going about his business.

And if you happen to get distracted from cleaning your room due to the shirtless teenage boy out in his yard well then that’s nobody’s business.


Your street always took turns with who would host the block’s barbecue and it happened to be your families week. The more people showed up the more anxious you found yourself becoming. You’re not sure whether you wanted your neighbors to come or not but you blamed the anxious feeling on not wanting them there.

Of course that was put to the test when you go to open the front door - your mom putting you in charge of that while she worked on getting the food and drinks sorted. You greet them all with a polite smile and direct them to where everyone else is out back. It takes a lot more than it should to keep calm and remember to breathe when Calum brushes past you, that being the closest you’ve ever been to your neighbor.

Fortunately, life seems to be on your side of things for once, everything keeping you busy so you hardly have time to even think about the boy only a few feet away from you.

It’s not until a bit later that your mom chases you out of the kitchen muttering something about go make friends with that cute boy already he’s been watching you all afternoon which may or may not send butterflies to your stomach and a flush across your cheeks. You have to take a second to breathe and okay maybe you fixed your hair up a bit and checked your reflection in a kitchen pan before actually going over and talking to him.

He’s sat off on his own on the swing belonging to your long-grown-out-of-playground, petting your dog of course. “Figures you’d be over here petting my dog,” you say playfully. Calum looks a bit startled at first before looking up and seeing you, his eyebrows pulling together and a small grin playing at his lips, “I like your dog,” then he looks down at your dog, “he’s so cute.” “Well if he goes missing I know who to question first,” you joke. “It wouldn’t be stealing, bet I could get him to follow me home.”

"Are you threatening to take my dog?" you chuckle. "No," he shrugs then talks to your dog again, "we’ll discuss more later." And you can’t help the small giggle that seems to slip out. "You will not be discussing escape plans with my dog." "Of course not," he grins with a shrug and the playfulness of it all tugs a bit at your heart strings so you decide against replying and going for a more easier roll of the eye - in a lighthearted way of course.

"Your mum didn’t make you come over here and talk to me did she?" he asks on a more serious note though his words are still loose and effortless. And even though she absolutely did, "No, why?" He shrugs, going back to petting your dog’s head that’s now in his lap, "Thought you kind of hated me to be honest." "No, just a rude teenage girl really," you go for joking but it’s actually pretty true. Either way it gets him to laugh and that’s even better than his heavenly chuckle.

"I like your shirt," you say after a few moments for lack of anything better to say and also because you really generally did like his shirt. Then your mom’s calling you over so you can show the neighbor down the street to your room so she can change her baby. "Does this mean you’re going to stop being mean to me now?" Calum looks up at you with a playful smile from where he’s still seated on the swing set.

"I’ll have you know I am one the nicest people around Calum Hood," you grin back at him, already making your way inside.


That night, when everyones long gone, all the foods put away, all the dishes are washed and it’s just gone 2 in the morning you’re laid completely awake, staring up at your ceiling and wondering if the boy just across the way is being kept up by your previous conversation as well. If he’s dissecting it word for word and replaying each laugh and giggle. If he’s wondering about you at all.

Somewhere along all the thoughts and replays your eyes start to get heavy and you’re soon slowly starting to drift into a deep sleep.

That is until music is coming from the bedroom across from yours. It’s loud but not blaring loud and whether or not it’s for you, you find yourself wrapping yourself up in your blanket and sleepily going over to your window. You don’t mind if he knows this time, pulling back your curtains and freely opening your window.

He definitely hears, his head snapping toward your direction where you’re now sat on your window seat. He gets up from the floor - still in the same shirt as earlier but his black skinnies now traded in for pajama bottoms - and walks over to his cracked open window, pushing it fully open.

"I didn’t wake you did I?" he asks generally worried. "No, haven’t been able to get to sleep," you reply with a soft smile. And because you sort of miss that playfulness you had earlier, because you feel like you can, "Nice pajama bottoms," you tease. "Hey, I thought you were the nicest person around…and superheroes are cool!” You giggle finding his pouting actually quite endearing. “I am the nicest person and they are cool, you’re the one who got defensive about it,” you shrug.

"Now, are you going to put it louder or do I have to climb in there myself and do it?" you hum. There’s something that flickers across his eyes at the mention of climbing into his window but it’s gone before you can really think about it and then he’s nodding with a little smirk and, "If I get in trouble i’m blaming the rude teenage girl."

I've pretty much spent all day reading your fics. You are an amazing writer! I'm a 1D fan but im rapidly being sucked into the 5SOS fandom and I blame you entirely :)

Omg this actually means so much to me you are the sweetest person ever and i kinda want to hug you rn. ☺️

Do you have part 2 of neighbor calum? I loved it it's so cute lol

Thaaaanks unfortunately i do not have part 2 done yet but i may be currently writing it. (:

Y’all can blame obeypaynee for why part two to pref #4 isn’t up. She wanted to Skype & now i’m too tired to write. Sorry guys. Maybe tomorrow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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me: I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again, I’ll never cry again.

me after 10 minutes : *crying* 

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"can I have another sauce?"
"they’re 25¢ extra”

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can we talk about this please



they literally swapped outfits

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Amnesia video still

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Did write a part 2 of he's a dick in front of others? 😁

no not yet, but i should probably get started on that now tbh


Vin Diesel calling Obama, Putin, and Angelina Jolie to fight him

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Vin Diesel calling Obama, Putin, and Angelina Jolie to fight him

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